11-9 Tragedy: Did the French intelligence known before all?

I remember that night, my mother (working in Spain) panicked and called me to open the CNN channel right now when I was staying at home. I still remember the impression that it was almost like watching live football match, It’s just got a different thing: it was a terrorist broadcast live. 

All emotions do not say the words! On the phone, she just told me she was fine, and Europe was tightening security, armed police appeared everywhere, patrol on the street … Later, when she got home, mother told … At the time of the terrorist attack, my mother was in Cibeles Square, the capital of Madrid. And almost at the same time, all activities stopped as if frozen. All restaurants and restaurants all switch channels. The Spanish people were stunned, immobilized by the scene can not be more real. Someone is crying, some people are worried about what happens next, because no one knows where the terrorists will continue to attack, in which country? That this is not the end but just the beginning of a long journey later: global terrorism.

There were many episodes on September 11. The story, human fate has also counted enough. Today, I just ask the question, what is not clear … sure, will never be clear.

The Le Monde issue dated 16 / 4 / 2007, says it has exploited a 328-page confidential document of French intelligence, which states: not long before the 11/11/11 incident. The General Administration of Foreign Affairs of France (DGSE) has learned alot of information about Al-Qaeda as well as the fact that they are preparing for a major terror plot. The truth of this report has been the head of the report. The office of DGSE is Emmanuel Renoult. He, along with DGSE head Pierre-Antoine Lorenzi, regretted the leak, but declined to comment on the content of the document. The special attention grabbed in the main document was a small report on 5/1/2001, titled “Plan of robbery of Islamic extremists”. Accordingly, Osama bin Laden since 2000 has planned with the Taliban in Afghanistan to prepare for a US plane hijacking operation. The report said the terrorists originally planned to steal an aircraft from Frankfurt to the United States.

They have set up a list of seven airlines that plan to hijack aircraft, before selecting two, American Airlines and United Airlines. The precious information is being exploited by French intelligence through a number of important channels. Uzbekistan’s intelligence agency has succeeded in plugging in some of its spies into the “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan” – a terrorist organization close to al-Qaeda. In addition, for comparison, the French also received information with similar content from their own channels. Information on how serious and how the French have transferred them to the Americans? Pierre-Antoine Lorenzi explains that although information about terrorist plotters’ plots is considered quite serious, before 11/11, most thought it was a robbery. Plane, hostage, before landing at an airport with some prepared claims. According to Lorenzi, any information, including those related to US security, was handed over to them by the French agents. However, some former Al-Qaeda operatives were formerly responsible for Al-Qaeda. This, like Michael Scheuer and Gary Berntsen when contacted by correspondent Le Monde, could not be remembered for any warning from the French secret police.

-> The last question posed: “So the FRANCE intelligence eventually warned the Americans or not? And if not then why?” +

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