11-9 Tragedy: The role of “foreign government” in this terrorist attack

A year after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Senate and House Intelligence Committee of the United States made a 28-page official report on the support of foreign governments to terrorists. To this day, this report has not been declassified. In the report, the section on “foreign government support” was classified top secret for national security by former President George W. Bush. President Barack Obama has promised to declare the report later, but that promise has not materialized.

To this day, the Union of Families for Terrorism Prevention (FUJAT) represents more than 9,000 relatives of victims who continue to fight for justice for those who have died. FUJAT believes that radical Islamist terrorists are unlikely to carry out attacks on the United States without receiving a wealth of support and money from foreign governments, and they want the United States to publicly ” In 2003, a group of 46 US senators also sought to ask the government to declassify the report, but their efforts failed miserably. But they still do not give up their efforts, and still continue to ask the government to disclose the secret. Senator Stephen Lynch stated,
“I think the 28-page report will be a shocking one because it publicizes the planning process, providing financial support for the attack that day, whether it’s individuals or agencies. Or foreign agents. “

So far, only Senators allowed by the US Senate & US Senate Intelligence Committee have access to the report. Once approved, they will be escorted by intelligence officers to a specially soundproofed room to read the confidential report under the close supervision of an intelligence officer to ensure that no information is available. To be recorded. So far, there has been little information in the report to the public. Thomas Massie, who had read the report, said that the classified information was “extremely squirrel”. He said:
“Every time I turn pages, I have to stop to be shocked, to be able to rearrange things that I know about the history of the past 13 years and years before. It will make you think again about everything. “

Senator Thomas Massie accusations_Omar al-Bayoumi Former Senator Bob Graham, co-chair of the US Senate and House Senate joint inquiry in 2002, has repeatedly urged the White House to publish a confidential report, He also accused Saudi Arabia of being involved in the 11-9 attacks. Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar were the first hijackers to enter the United States since January 2000. . They quickly made friends with a Saudi Arab named Omar al-Bayoumi to ask him to rent an apartment in San Diego. TNS Graham claimed that Bayoumi was a Saudi “secret agent” and that he had “directly assisted” the two hijackers. However, Graham’s allegations were claimed by Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The Saudi ambassador to the United States rejected a statement in 2003 and called for the US government to release the 28-page report on foreign government backing. Prince Bandar said:
“Alleging the Saudi government to provide money, organize or even know about 11-9 is ill-intentioned and completely untrue. We do not hide anything. We can answer questions from the public, but we can not do with the hidden secret reports. “

So there are questions about what foreign governments are behind the backing of terrorists attacking the United States 13 years ago? The exact answer is only available after the United States releases the confidential report. FUJAT argues that finding the missing portion of American history in relation to 11-9 is an urgent requirement of each. The people of this country, so that they can know the truth about “hidden people” helped hijackers kill their citizens.

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