Napoleon Bonaparte: “I am France, and France is me” (part 1)

More than 200 years have passed since the days of the man who fought his way throughout Europe. The French still love him, his tomb lies in the Invalides Palace for the people to pay tribute. The world still respects him, and the day Hitler invaded France, he visited his tomb and placed sandbags around it to protect it from the bombings
The title of this article is is the same saying that Napoleon had always said about himself. After 215 years, Napoleon is still ramined in the heart of the French.
Beautiful words he had spoken, even in a gentle subject as love, remain immortal. The emperor had once said, “A beautiful woman’s eyes are like fine w
There is a comment like this: Usually a good politician, rarely good at military. The good at military, rarely good at politics. He is good at politics and military genius, will be the Emperor. Napoleon is rare enough to meet these two. He was a prominent ruler who was also a genius military.
When it comes to Napoleon, it refers to battles. But I will go from what few people know: politics. What makes him so worshiped, and in the mind of a reformer that hundred years later to look back, posterity to say thank you belatedly.
A. Puskin wrote Napoleon Bonapart: “It is one of the most bizarre phenomena in human history. The small Corsican island has reached its climax: the Emperor of France, the king of Italy, the king of the Ranh river. Napoleon had condemned the feudalism of the fatal blows that had crushed the French Revolution, which had terrified Europe, molded the history of many nations. Napoleon, who was destined to fulfill the mysterious destiny of history. “
And when the Battle of Wateloo ended. It was also the day when the French bluster on the military front lasted for 200 years. This man became the nostalgic, admiration and regret of the European capital.
Napoleon’s best quote is, “I can fail a battle, but I will win the war!” He was right, Wateloo buried the genius. But after 200 years, his name is still to be appreciated. Napoleon gave France more than they expected of him. And he left the world more than he thought.

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