Napoleon Bonaparte: “I am France, and France is me” (part 2)

The legacy left by Napoleon remains the same fromwhat we see in Paris: The Arc de Triomphe and the Parisian face today are Napoleon’s legacy, most of the structures were proposed by Napoleon, Securities in Paris was also developed by Napoleon. And the noble medal of the French Legion was founded by Napoleon.
Military wise, he ebolished the standards of family lines, by not judging officers and generals byfamily name, but by talent. For example, Marshal Michel Ney comes from less noble family.
Although self absorted and a meterialist, Napoleon was the first to talk about Religious Concord. Religion is equal. In the midst of a anti-Semitism  Europe, Napoleon put his arms around Jews in Paris. He said, “Pushing the Jews out of the country will weaken us, but assimilating them will strengthen the country.” For Napoleon, the power of France is more important than belief. It is this that Russia hates him, in return he is loved by the Jews.
As a good at high school math. When he became Emperor, Napoleon agreed on the unit of measure throughout France and the affected land. He’s the one who has made the meter out so far. There are many people reading here.
But the emperor’s greatest value was to set out the Napoleonic Code. It is the most important civil code, the laws of higher education, the law of public dumping, the responsibility of the family, etc.
Let’s hear what Napoleon says. “Waterloo will wipe out my memories of many victories. But things will last forever, the Civil Code. This is my glory. “Today, a quarter of the world’s law is taken from the law of Napoleon.
This law overturned feudalism in Europe. There is a famous saying of Napoleon in this “Imagination ruled the world”: creativity, brave mind, dare to grasp. This is man beyond the century. He wanted an EU from the 18th century. Dream of a Great Europe. The only difference is that he wants Paris to be central. I am the supreme leader. And this has indirectly fared the fate of this great man. Although we always remind each other, but no one surpasses the temptation of power and self-illusion when the peak is high. Including Napoleon that day or Julius Ceasar in ancient times.
And we will come to the second. In addition to the brain of politics. Also the brains of military genius. A genius like other geniuses, has risen sharply but lost the last consciousness.

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