Marshal Erwin Rommel (part 1)

Marshal Erwin Rommel – Third Reich general. He was the “invincible” symbol of the German people during war years. He earned devotion from his soldiers and also earned respect from his enemies.

North Africa, 1941, one of the main fronts of World War II between the Axis (Germany – Italy – Japan) and the Allies (British – American – Soviet). In 1940, Italian fascist Mussolini declared war on France and Britain, while sending troops into North Africa. It is worthing noting that seizing North Africa, Egypt and the Suezs Canal is the gateway to the world and a vast expanse of land. Its  strategic location and enormous potentials have turned North Africa into a fierce frontier no less than the Pacific. In the desert of North Africa, Erwin Rommel’s legendary feats of victory had begun, making him one of the most prominent generals of the 20th century. And he was given the nickname “desert fox”.
When Mussolini sent troops into North Africa, people recognized the strength of the Italian army that had left Rome. In his fledgling battle in modern history, the Italians quickly got cold water. Their confrontation with them was Richard O’Connor, commander of the British Army, a very good general. Within two months, O’Connor pushed the Italian troops out of Egypt, advancing 1,300km, and destroying 10 Italian divisions. Mussolini panicked. Hitler is obliged to save his ally. And the captain of what his “warlord”, who would later become the legend that we say in this article: Erwin Rommel to Tripoli.
Erwin Rommel immediately demonstrated how different. With the 5th Light Division, (after the 21st Armored Division), Rommel immediately countered.
We pause for a moment. Before continuing the battle in North Africa, I need to talk to you about the battle of Erwin Rommel. Rommel’s style is something very reckless. Yes, is reckless In battle, Rommel for his most powerful force focused on one point, one goal and put in there, then moved forward, accepting the two sides of the empty. When facing resistance, keep firing at the right spot, dissolving the opponent’s defense and allowing the opponent to surrender. This method shocked both rivals and generals in Berlin. But that was the way that beat him to beat France in 1940. Rommel style is the same type as Hannibal, Genghis Khan or Quang Trung Nguyen Hue in history, can be summarized in 6 words: SHARE AND SPEED. Rommel’s force in France was dubbed the “Ghost Division” by advancing to the point where the German High Command lost contact because of where it had come from.
Rommel used the blows that led to North Africa.
We continue on the North African front. His 21st Panzer Division threw sudden surges at General O’Connor. The rushing speed of the division led the division to cross the Jebel Akhdar mountain range to reach the strategic city of Tobruk on October 10, 1941, even though Italian forces had been repulsed 1300 km. O’Connor’s hero, who was previously a hero, was pushed into a delirious battle, eventually lost to the German-Italian ambush and taken prisoner.
But that’s just Rommel’s style. That was not enough to turn him into a legend, but also in the tactics of intelligence at Tobruk.

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