Marshal Erwin Rommel (part 2)

During the Battle of Tobruk, Rommel surrounded the British military base. It was almost impossible to believe?The German troops attacked with only 400 tanks, while the British possessed 770 tanks. It turned out that Rommel had oderded his engineers to create  fake wooden tanks that made the British troops think that German troops were too strong. That’s it ! And the rest is just about how the Germans would attack Tobruk.

Rommel repeatedly send troops to attack but did not receive much results. One of the reasons he did not get quite humorous results. Because of the speedy attacks, Tobruk’s port layout did not arrive in time for Rommel. Rommel exclaimed: “If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to attack  it and the New Zealanders to guard it.”
Eventually Rommel played his way, he was not surrounded, pretended to retreat. British soldiers eat delicious food to chase. The defense line of the coalition stretched out, Rommel immediately back counterattack. This beautiful “recovery code” caused the British to eat a fatal blow. From there, straight into Tobruk, trying not to fight again. But too late, Rommel decided to go deep into the French army at Bir Hakeim. Loss of Bir Hakeim, the last defense of the allied defenses lost. On the 21st of June 1942, Rommel launched his last offensive, the allied failed defeat at Tobruk and had to withdraw from Egypt, Germany won.
Until the 21st of June, Erwin Rommel’s troops were less than allied forces.
The Tobruk battle caused England a heavy defeat. Before Rommel arrived, O’Connor needed only two more weeks to reach Tripoli and end World War II in North Africa. After Rommel arrived, North Africa was German.
The failed defeat at Tobruk led British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to negotiate in parliament. The reason was because Churchill had stripped British troops of support for the Greek front. But Churchil did not call that a mistake, because even with enough troops, they could not resist Rommel. Churchill shouted to the opposition in a testimony to the opposition: “We have a very brave and brilliant rival, and I can tell you more about the other side of the war. This has a great general. “What praise is worth more than the praise of the enemy?
US Marshal Montgomery, US General George Patton views the rivalry with Erwin Rommel as the likely surviving general in North Africa. Anger and respect, eagerness and fear are the common psychology of enemies when confronted with Rommel.
North Africa has turned Rommel into a myth, a myth so terrible that the British High Command must send a note to London. The note reads: “Our friend Rommel has become a magician or a traitor to our military, presenting a grave danger. The army is talking too much about him. Although he is certainly a very competent and capable man, he is certainly not a superman. It is a pity that our soldiers attribute to you supernatural powers. It is important that we never use the word Rommel whenever we want to refer to our enemy in Libya. We must call it “German” or “enemy”, and definitely not to be hypnotized by the name Rommel. All commanders must understand that this is an extremely important psychological point. “

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