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Information of Increase Memory

1. Divide your time and take a break

When you are studying, divide the time of studies into smaller chunks that are punctuated by periods of rest. It is really important to take some rest while performing intense mental activities for example studying a language or preparing for an exam. The next time you are working, studying or learning something, make a conscious effort to take a break after every 20 to 25 minutes.

2. Focus, pay attention

Every detail matters, says one of the best international schools in bangalore. There is a difference between seeing things and observing them. Both the words mean the same for most of us. However, both are completely different from each other. You see, forget. You observe, you remember. To observe a particular thing we need to pay attention. Attention given to anything will make you remember the same.

3. Music: The best way to learn

Undoubtedly music helps our brain to find out patterns and structure in information, because what music does, in part, is help us memorizing right to left. This means that as we all know about the functionality of left brain and right brain. Studying in best ib school, you will get to know the functionality of your brain. Right brain is more creative. Whereas, Left brain is more analytic. Also, music increases the concentration power and help us ignore other things in our surrounding as well.

4. Context Learning

In language, context is fundamental in order to memorize words and phrases. Luca Lampariello, a polyglot says “context is king.” Imagine you have visited Spain, a group of people come to you and ask to click a picture in Spanish. Will you understand it? Of course you will despite the fact you don’t know a single word of the language. Here, context plays it’s part. Basically, by their gesture you will understand what they are saying. Be attentive and learn to observe the context.

5. Visualization Techniques

This technique is the bedrock of memorable method and this is what experts use at the time of memorizing long strings of numbers, people’s names, or lists of words in competitions. There is a competition called memory championships and this kind of techniques are really helpful. Few of us have the great imagery capacity. Make the most of the qualities that you possess. The best icse schools in bangalore have brought this into practice.