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Maintain Image After College

  1. Social Media: you should thank the people for social media because I know for a fact how days go without the internet. Social media not only
  2. 1. Utilize social media.
  3. Thank God for Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Twitter. These days it’s fairly easy to stay on the radar and up to date with what’s going on in your friend’s lives. To make it more personal, consider creating a Facebook group for your close circle of friends. This will allow you to easily write updates and share photos of your new life after college.
  4. 2. Call for life’s major events.
  5. Yes, we live in a culture were sending a casual text is more common than a phone call, but to keep in touch with your friends after college you have to actually put forth energy. Keep text messages reserved for informal “hellos” and “how are you doings.” When it comes to the major events in life – weddings, births, funerals, advanced degrees, divorces, surgeries and home buying – pick up the phone! It’s always better to hear a live voice during life’s big, tear-jerking moments.
  6. 3. Plan a yearly reunion.
  7. Whether it’s the most central location, a vacation spot or the city of your alma mater, an annual get together is a great way to bring the old crew back together. Go beyond Facebook and plan an annual reunion because the strongest friends involve personal interaction. Reminise on the good times and create new memories.
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  9. 4. Road trip!
  10. If any of your college friends live in a day’s driving distance, you should take a road trip once in a while. If your friend is having party or event, hop in the car and show face. This is a good way to make sure your girlfriends don’t turn into strangers. It’s a sweet gesture that creates new memories in the process.
  11. 5. Text just to say hi.
  12. Having regular conversations shows that you have interest in the happenings of your friends’ day-to-day life. Talk about their new job, the date they went on last night or the stilettos that you saw in the store window that are to die for. Even if it’s just a weekly or monthly text message, this creates routine for your friendship and helps bridge the distance.
  13. Now, you weigh in. Tell us what tricks and tips you’ve learned to help keep in touch with your old friends from school.