Chat with JUNE – Malice Mizer: An Emerald treasure

In Aug. 1992, Tetsu became the vocalist of Malice Mizer, a Visual Kei Rock band, along with Mana,
Közi, Yu ~ ki and Gaz. After two years together, live organizing, releasing a lot of demos, and a soundtrack on the Omnibus, Gaz Heaven from the band and was replaced by the Kami before they could finally release their debut album Full length – Memoire, in July 7, 1994.

Later that year, the album was re-released as Memoire DX along with a “Baroque” bonus track, but at this time Tetsu decided to leave the band. There was no exact reason for the passing of Tetsu until their last concert was made on Dec. 27, Tetsu revealed that due to differences in musical style. As it was confirmed after Tetsu left, he gradually changed his musical style to Hard Rock instead of the Gothic Rock.

Although Gaz joined Malice Mizer for a very short period of 1.5 years, the Gaz remained a part of them. Gaz left Malice Mizer on 15 March, shortly after the Yoyogi Chocolate City Show, however the information on Gaz was few, and some said that after leaving Malice Mizer, he joined the old band of Kami: Kneuklid Romance, and is currently playing with a band named The Night Breeze Zinnia.

Tetsu Takano is a Japanese Rock artist. Tetsu is often known as the first vocal life by the legendary music Band Malice Mizer. After leaving Malice Mizer, Tetsu joined Mega8Ball from 1995 to 1997. He then founded the supergroup Zigzo, which they operated between 1999 and 2002 and became quite a voice in the position as an independent band. Tetsu is currently working with his music band, Nil – a band that was officially formed in 1998 but quickly freezes up to the New year 2002 to work again. Tetsu’s solo career began in 2006 with band The JuneJulyAugust and The Zigzo had just been reunited.

The closest information of Tetsu is when Mana-Sama mentions him in a blog post on July 05/06/2013 when Tetsu appeared in a live show at the Shinjuku Loft of Moi dix Mois. Information on the blog post at

Tetsu Takano first entered the musical background as vocalist of Ner-OUs, then in 1991 and he was 18 years old. In January 1, 1992, Ner-Vous’s drummer left the band and Kiyoshi Moro on behalf of that position, but not long since the band disbanded after two live performances. In March 1992, Tetsu came to see Kiyoshi playing in his new band (Kiyoshi), which was composed of the band Bass “Marawo” Kashimoto. Tetsu, Kashimoto, and Moro became close friends for years to come.


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