How to buy a cheap Rock CD in Japan in 2020


First I found the disc on, this page first appeared on Googles search results and there were many sellers that I searched from USED to NEW, the status of the disc usage was very detailed. secretion. But the problem is that when looking for feedback on this page, you see a lot of feedback, all of them evaluate this page very low. Note that Discog does not own the disc, it’s just an intermediary like Amazon or Ebay, so I think it’s underestimated because the intermediary processing service of this page is bad, but still can be trusted. sell. So I went back to the list of Single Listing sellers to see who was trusted, and I found Kupiku-com. This seller is the origin to help me find At the time I was like, “WHY GOOGLE HAS NOT GOT A GREAT PAGE LIKE KUPIKU.

Emphasize here Kupiku-com and are different. Kupiku-com seems to be a group connected to and manages sales through the Discogs site, in fact their products seem credible but due to their negative feedback on raising product prices and shipping costs. pretty high so I didn’t order through this group. At the same time I think that I can directly order through, why should I order through this intermediary group?

About is famous for allowing customers to buy discs “directly” from “people who want to sell” living in Japan. Basically, when you want to hunt for a “rare” domestic disc in Japan, will help you connect with its owner. This website is so famous that it was said: If you are an amateur who wants to hunt for a rare disc and you can’t find it at, then you won’t find it exists anywhere. different.

Of course, buying online is like buying with trust, and there are two great beliefs that make me want to buy goods at First, believe in Japanese. It’s not like Japan’s passport has become the most powerful passport in the world. So I believe that they will describe the exact use (this section I will explain later) of the goods. Secondly, is a good intermediary, will help me to check goods when they receive them from the seller. Of course, they can’t completely check all the goods, they only check the seller has sent the right goods, and the goods match their description. One step may sound like that, but very few intermediaries do.

All the things I experienced, both happy and sad when I groped myself to get the idol’s goods to my hands. For those who are not Japanese, do not live in Japan, are not good enough in Japanese to understand the local websites, auction sites, sink exchange trading groups, …

Where to buy?
Before that, I bought at two quite large sites, and, which are quite famous for their English support. When comparing between the two pages, will be cheaper and has more products. So the same product you will find it at cdjapan first, if not, please go to jp-discoveries.

I used these two sites until I had a problem, which is the single single Malice Mizer that I hunted for Limited (limited and no longer manufactured), the Malice Mizer disband so there will be no reproduction. It was hard to find a place to sell out, all of them Sold Out, I was so desperate that I hunted all the USED Single (used) but the price was still sky high. At that time, there were only a few dozen or so tubers in hand to pick up a USED customer. But heaven did not betray him, after Mana-sama celebrated the 25th anniversary of Malice Mizer, a miracle happened, a wave of fans who did not own the disc were looking for it all over the corner, and dragged along. a wave of exfans agreed to resell, so finding Malice Mizer’s disc has never been easier since 10 years ago.


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