Album For SUMMER 2020 – “TImaeus” (2020) by Khora


To be fair, Khora’s music in Timaeus is somewhat in line with its cover. Lofty, mixed all kinds. From black metal to progressive to symphonic to baroque music and even the bizarre sounds of avant-garde. The thing is, Khora is smart enough not to go overboard. The tracks are brief, no more than 5 minutes, the flow of the melody is always maintained.

Track list in debut Album:

 Existence 03:47
¬†l’Annihilateur 03:18
Aether 01:46
De Vetus Ad Novum 03:58
Harvesting Stars 04:33
Noceo 03:50
Roe Too Noo (Flow Of The Mind) 05:02
Sempiternal 03:19
The Occultation of Time 04:14
The Purge 03:24
Void 03:17

The whole album is easy to listen to. The production process is German, neat and firm. The guitar is beautiful and powerful enough to keep the album focused and powerful. The keyboard and orchestra weave a vast cosmic atmosphere, dotted with strange sounds that remind us of mysteriously mysterious worlds.

Not to say Timaeus is outstanding. Interesting, diverse, attractive but not excellent. But to be fair, how many sci-fi novels are truly perfect? Creativity has its price. At least Khora has an impressive and memorable debut album.

When you see a cover of a disc like this, it’s hard not to listen. It depicts the Sea Monster Cthulu, a Pharaoh in the form of aliens and a creature that looks like a character from a fantasy movie. At the bottom is a portal through the worlds. Timaeus promises to be a fascinating concept when I see it.

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