Cosmic World Mother And Oceans

Going nearly 20 years, the name that seemed to have fallen back into the past suddenly returns with a bomb called Cosmic World Mother. In a time when electronic music was gaining popularity in black metal, these eccentric men once again went against the trend, releasing a traditional symphonic black album. An album reminiscent of the glorious years of Marduk, Dark Funeral or the Emperor.

Track List:

Vigilance and Atrophy
The Flickering Lights
The Dissolution of Mind and Matter
Oscillator Epitaph
One of Light, One of Soil
In Abhorrence upon Meadows
Five of Swords
Cosmic World Mother
As the After Becomes the Before

It was formed in the late of 90s year, “…. and Oceans” is a band of the second wave generation of Black Metal. Starting out as a traditional black symphonic band, along with the years they went on experiments with industrial music and electronic a bit ahead of their time. Perhaps that is why …. and Oceans did not really rise during the heyday of Black Metal.

The symphonic sounds are perfectly constructed, bringing the black metal of … and Oceans to a new level, more majestic, more intense. Tone cage, just chaotic, frustrated, soft and generous. The vocalist made me think of the peak of the Cradle Of Filth with the devilish screams. …. and Oceans are moderating but do not give up their typical things. Some industrial elements are in tune with the cosmic atmosphere and mysterious sci-fi color. Cosmic World Mother is like a bridge between black metal past and present. There is both the majesty and the grandeur of the 2nd wave, both the fiction and soaring nature of the new era. An excellent return to … and Oceans

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