What can we expect from the musical “The bottom of the eye” on this August

With works in recent years such as “From School” (2012), “Roof” (2016), choreographer Bui Ngoc Quan showed the audience the diversity of contemporary dance art. This year, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly, Director and Artistic Director of the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theater, invited him to stage the work “Under the Eyes”, which will be premiered on the evening of August 19 at the Hanoi Opera House. .

Dance about Hanoi “messy”

Bui Ngoc Quan is an experienced choreographer, living in Europe for 21 years. Working at the prestigious theater Les Ballets C de la B, he often comes back to Vietnam to play in the summer. “My biggest impression as soon as I stepped off the airport was the mess; A person like me returning from abroad would be overwhelmed!”. However, the confusion he mentioned here is not a negative thing, but “both good and bad and provides a very interesting contrast” and thus has a “beauty of its own”. Above all, it is the two-dimensionality of this subject that gave him the anxiety to make this work.

Noisy, crowded at the airport, on the street, the “mess” still exists in both the secret relationship and the fierce collision between the collective and the individual in it. “Relationships in the family are too close, while in society people are too indifferent to each other”; Bui Ngoc Quan thought a lot about the core nature of this underground chaos. But whether the cause is individual or collective, what is most alarming is the attitude of accepting to live with that mess. “If we do not observe or are too familiar, there will be many things that we will accidentally or intentionally ignore. That ignoring is the main theme that I want to take for this work.”

The idea for the earlier dance was quite different. Mainly thinking and working in a European environment, he initially thought of the original ideas for the work as an artist, not a Hanoian. “But when I started receiving the invitation from VNOB, I spent more time thinking about doing something related to this society, this city, where I was born and raised. and remain inextricably linked.”

VNOB’s contemporary move

The novelty that the audience will be able to witness this evening of August 19, is a dance sequence over an hour long. Imbued with the breath of contemporary dance, a work built by Bui Ngoc Quan is usually at least 40 minutes long and can take up to an hour and a half at most. The “exceptional” length, along with a less technical working mindset but a heavy emphasis on the individuality of each dancer when performing, made the 4-week training process relatively difficult. Seven dancers participating in the work for the first time no longer work in the style of “what the director tells you to do” but have to find their own voice, learn to understand the inner self and control the body to reflect the nature. that interior. At the same time, the girls also have to exercise relatively hard to meet the needs of the play.

A cross between a theater rich in history, an experienced choreographer and a very fresh contemporary art style, “Eyes” promises to be the most anticipated dance of August. this.

Recently, the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theater (VNOB) with the guidance and artistic direction of Director Tran Ly Ly had a successful collaboration with the Goethe-Institut to organize the first Dance and Music Summer Camp 2018, the camp. dance and music summer brings together 18 young faces of contemporary Vietnamese art to practice and perform for 2 weeks. With the invitation of Bui Ngoc Quan this time, VNOB clearly shows the direction of developing Vietnamese contemporary dance art in the future.

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