Ready for tour de Hanoi Season 3 on this Autumm

This is an idea borrowed from the model of “The Amazing Race”, Tour de Hanoi season 3 is an opportunity for young people, especially students and high school students, to learn about the characteristics of the world. historical culture of many regions of Vietnam and the land of Ha Thanh, through practicing cultural activities at each race such as beating oats, wrapping lotus tea, making paper fans…

Despite heavy rain due to storms, 10 teams were still present on the morning of August 5 at the lawn along West Lake on Quang Khanh Street to start. At each race, each team consists of 6 members, mainly young people from high schools and universities in Hanoi, will have to solve different puzzles and secrets related to historical knowledge. history and culture, such as about the art of wrapping lotus tea in Tay Ho, the traditional paper fan making village of Chang Son, etc.

The races selected are mainly pagodas in Hanoi such as Hoang An Pagoda, Tao Sach Pagoda, Pho Linh Pagoda, Dinh Vong Thi … This is a type of cultural space that fully converges factors such as calendar History, art, and religion have received little attention and are still relatively unknown, especially to young people. Through the inclusion of teams in cultural spaces, young people participating in the Tour de Hanoi have the opportunity to learn about the rich spiritual culture of the thousand-year-old capital not only through knowledge.

Teams move between races by bike or on foot, but above all, the element and teamwork is always at the top, when it is required that all teams complete and continue the challenge together. In addition to deciphering the letter to continue, 60 young people have the opportunity to try their hand at cultural and folk art practices at the races. Birding nests, folding paper boats, watching and practicing singing Ca Tru, making wind lamps… are activities that are quite close to the old cultural activities but are hard to find in urban environments or at schools.

Despite being very young, Vu Minh Hanh (1999) – the program’s organizer, successfully organized the 3rd season of Tour de Hanoi in just 2 years. Sharing with Hanoi Grapevine, Hanh said that they intended to organize the first season, but then it was the young people’s need to participate in the next season that prompted the organizers to continue. With the desire to expand the age of players to 30 years old and add more races and activities in the upcoming season, Tour de Hanoi promises to be an interesting and extremely interesting model of “cultural racing”. rich potential in the future.

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