Chat with conductor Hakimi Joshua

On the occasion of both the orchestra and the choir put under the command of a unique guest conductor from Japan, had a quick chat with conductor Hakimi Joshua… Read more

Talk with artist Hatoshi Endo

Although only entering the contemporary art world in 2017, Hanoi Contemporary Exhibition Center has quickly made a name for itself as the largest and most modernly built contemporary art space.… Read more

Conversations with artists: The search for tradition in contemporary work

The talk started with Trieu Minh Hai. His typical work is a series of 3 ceramic vases displayed at the glass door at the entrance to BUILDING 2. To be… Read more

Talk with 2 big artists in interactive art exhibition

Today, let’s meet with with 2 important characters in this interactive exhibition. They are¬†Sawashi Hishako and¬†Anikeef Atiso Read more