Chat with conductor Hakimi Joshua

On the occasion of both the orchestra and the choir put under the command of a unique guest conductor from Japan, had a quick chat with conductor Hakimi Joshua… Read more

Talk with artist Hatoshi Endo

Although only entering the contemporary art world in 2017, Hanoi Contemporary Exhibition Center has quickly made a name for itself as the largest and most modernly built contemporary art space.… Read more

Conversations with artists: The search for tradition in contemporary work

The talk started with Trieu Minh Hai. His typical work is a series of 3 ceramic vases displayed at the glass door at the entrance to BUILDING 2. To be… Read more

Talk with 2 big artists in interactive art exhibition

Today, let’s meet with with 2 important characters in this interactive exhibition. They are¬†Sawashi Hishako and¬†Anikeef Atiso Read more

Ready for tour de Hanoi Season 3 on this Autumm

This is an idea borrowed from the model of “The Amazing Race”, Tour de Hanoi season 3 is an opportunity for young people, especially students and high school students, to… Read more

What can we expect from the musical “The bottom of the eye” on this August

With works in recent years such as “From School” (2012), “Roof” (2016), choreographer Bui Ngoc Quan showed the audience the diversity of contemporary dance art. This year, Meritorious Artist Tran… Read more