How to buy a cheap Rock CD in Japan in 2020

  First I found the disc on, this page first appeared on Googles search results and there were many sellers that I searched from USED to NEW, the status… Read more

Chat with JUNE – Malice Mizer: An Emerald treasure

In Aug. 1992, Tetsu became the vocalist of Malice Mizer, a Visual Kei Rock band, along with Mana, Közi, Yu ~ ki and Gaz. After two years together, live organizing,… Read more

Rock’s influence on pioneering bands

The fall of the Buck-ticks began when they had major changes, but those changes were not enough “dollars”. Most of their songs have a cohesion and are quite intuitive. Atsushi,… Read more

Rock’s influence on pioneering bands in Japan

The first formed band was Boowy (1982). Boowy’s music is simple and easy-to-understand melodies of the early 80’s. Not many people listen to Boowy, so when I found information about… Read more

Biography of Buck-Tick

When Imai graduated high school, he moved to Tokyo with Araki and enrolled in the design school. When Higuchi and Hoshino graduated a year later, they also moved to Tokyo.… Read more

Japanese rock and mainstream fashion was formed from it

Omotesando Street is a popular street in Tokyo with many cafes, fashion shops popular with locals and tourists. It is a great destination for meetings, musical performances and fashion shows.… Read more

Biography of “Raphael”

Their first live was held on December 24, 1997, at this time very few people knew about them. It can be said that Raphael stood up from his own feet… Read more

X-Japan – tremendous energy source for Japanese Rock

When the album was launched in Japan that had been recorded in the record in Japan in just a few weeks, on this album there was a significant change, Yoshi… Read more

Biography of Luna Sea

If considering the stage name Luna Sea, the band was formed in 1991. But from the beginning, the band was formed in August 1998 by J and Inoran when they… Read more